Flow Capital provides flexible capital for high-growth, capital-efficient, and tech-enabled businesses.

Why our revenue-based financing could be a better option for you:

Keep Control and Equity

Scale your business without giving up control, equity, or board seats.

Flexible Payments Matched to Revenue

Payments are a percentage of your monthly revenue, providing flexibility that matches the ups and downs of your business.


We generally fund first time companies in 4-6 weeks and follow-on rounds in as little as a week.

You could be the right fit if you are:

You could be the right fit if you are:

  • Capital-efficient and growing
  • Operating in a high-growth market (e.g. tech, SaaS, regulated cannabis, renewables, health tech, CPG)
  • Operating history greater than 2 years
  • Annual revenues or ARR of greater than $1million
  • Close to or at operating profitability
  • Revenue visibility
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How Our Process Works

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