We encourage all types of companies to apply! Flow invests in companies with strong management teams that have at least $4 million in revenue, strong proven growth, and capital-efficient business models.

There are no hidden or ongoing fees. There are legal and initial closing fees at the front-end, which are clearly outlined and agreed upon in advance of any transaction. Flow Capital takes pride in knowing the fees which are levied are substantially lower than the fees associated with traditional alternatives.

We work hard to make sure you receive the funding you need as soon as you need it. For new investments, the entire process from application to funding typically ranges from 4-8 weeks. For follow-on investments, the process can take 1-2 weeks. 

Yes! While most venture debt investors require companies to be VC-backed, we welcome and encourage both non-VC and VC-backed companies to apply for Flow Capital financing.

Flow does not invest in companies that operate in the industrial, brick-and-mortar retail, traditional mining extraction, oil and gas extraction, film, and pharmaceutical drug development sectors.

It is not until we agree to move forward that legal fees are incurred. These associated fees are outlined in the executed term sheet and are set at a capped amount. All legal fees are paid upon closing from proceeds of the funding. We have aimed to mitigate high legal costs by instituting a standardized legal and closing procedure. It is our aim to make every client’s experience as cost-effective as possible.

We are happy to provide a mutual nondisclosure agreement at your request.