Venture Debt

Extend cash runway while minimizing equity dilution.

Raise $1M to $7M in Venture Debt in as Little as 4 Weeks

Choose the Right Structure For You

Venture Debt

Term Loan

Amortizing Term Loan

Term: 2-4 Years

Interest Rate: Teens

Venture Debt

Bullet Loan

Non-Amortizing Term Loan

Term: 2-5 Years

Interest Rate: Teens

Why Do High-Growth Companies Use Venture Debt?


To defer dilutive equity issuance using venture debt as a bridge or as growth capital


Businesses are typically growing equity at a faster rate than the cost of the loan


Venture debt investments typically have modest warrant coverage

Is Venture Debt Right for My Business?

Amount Seeking:
$1-5 million first tranche;
Up to $7 million in total
United States; Canada; United Kingdom
Primarily tech and SaaS;
Open to other high-growth sectors 
Mature startups;
Annual Revenue greater than $4 million;
or ARR greater than $2.5 million
Proven entrepreneurs with substantial ownership positions in their own businesses

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