Revenue-Based Financing

Increase your company’s growth where payments are based on your ability to pay
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How It Works

Principal Amount

Average check sizes range from $1-5M

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments based on a percentage of top-line revenue

No Fixed Terms

The investee decides when they are ready
to buy out the investment

Typical Royalty Agreement Structure

$1M+ first tranche; up to $5M in total
Monthly Payment:
Minimum payment or a percentage of revenue
Buyout Options:
You control; no fixed term
Control Features:
Financial Covenants:
Warrant Coverage:
Secured or unsecured

Benefits of Revenue-Based Financing

An attractive financing option for VC-backed and non-VC-backed companies

Fuel Growth

Access growth capital with minimal equity dilution

Extend Cash Runway

Extend cash runway to achieve the next milestone

Increase Valuation

Bridge to the next round of financing at a higher valuation

Minimize Equity Dilution

Achieve a more balanced and less costly capital structure

Flexible Payments

Payments based on a percentage of your monthly revenue

Aligned Focus

Shared goal between the investor and company towards sustainable revenue growth

Who Should Apply for Revenue-Based Financing?

Revenue-based financing is best suited for post-revenue companies with high expectations for growth.

Revenue-based financing is not startup financing – it’s growth financing. While RBF lenders do not expect the 10X returns VCs do, this financing structure is best suited for companies with sticky revenues and high growth aspirations. 


$1 million – $5 million
Annual Revenue:
Greater than $4 million; or $2.5 million for companies with recurring revenue business models (ARR)
United States
United Kingdom
Primarily technology;
Open to high-growth companies in other non-tech sectors
Proven entrepreneurs with substantial ownership positions in their own businesses

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