A Robust Business Providing Venture Debt To Successful Entrepreneurs of High Growth Businesses.

Two Ways to Invest in Flow Capital

Income orientated Investors can purchase 10.5% Floating Rate Debentures

Capital gain orientated investors can purchase common shares (FW-TSXV)

Get venture debt upside with public company board & governance

Quarterly and annual financial statements and portfolio valuations to IFRS standards.

Track Record

  • $54 million portfolio over 22 investments
  • 29% 5-year portfolio IRR
  • 8-year history of debenture issuance
  • ~1% loan loss ratio

High Yield Debentures

  • 10.50% CAD current yield on debentures
  • Floating rate: Bank of Canada Rate + 5.50%
  • Maximum rate 12.50% minimum rate 8.00%
  • Monthly cash payments

Debentures Structured for Capital Preservation

  • $40 million in Flow common equity protects debenture principal
  • Portfolio losses, if any, first applied to common equity
  • <1% 5-year loan loss rate

Invest with the Benefit of Public Company Standards and Transparency

  • Unlike other venture debt funds, Flow Capital is a public company.
  • Investors gain the benefit of quarterly and annual financial statements and portfolio valuations to IFRS standards.
  • Investors gain the benefit of Flow’s requirement to provide continuation disclosure of its financial and business performance.
  • Investors gain the benefit of public company quality board of directors and governance standards.

Well Diversified Portfolio

Flow’s debentures are backed by a well diversified portfolio of loans

Current Investments by Security Type (by FMV)

    Cumulative since March 2018

    Total Capital Deployed


    Average Investment Size


    Number of Investments Made


    Number of Realized Investments


    Loss Ratio


    Breakout Across Verticals

      Current Portfolio at Origination

      Average Operating History

      7.93 Years

      Average Enterprise Values


      Average Revenue


      Average LTV


      Loan Structure

      90% First Lien

      The values presented in these charts are derived from Flow Capital Corp’s unaudited interim condensed consolidated financial statements, dated September 30, 2023, that have been prepared based on the principles of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

      How to Invest

      Flow Capital debentures can be purchased through your Registered Investment Advisor.

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