The Top 10 Incubators and Accelerators for SaaS Startups

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Whether you have an idea for a SaaS company written on a napkin or have already built the product and can’t expand further on your own, SaaS incubators and accelerators can provide the right level of investment and guidance to help you achieve your growth goals.

We have compiled a list of the top ten incubators and accelerators for SaaS startups, including information such as average cohort size, funding amount, and links to applications. 

If you need help finding other sources of SaaS financing, explore our SaaS Financing page.

1. Acceleprise (Washington D.C., USA)

A 4-month program accelerator with access to hands-on mentorship and network of world-class operators.

Focus: B2B SaaS

Program Length: 4 months

Cohort Sizes: 10 companies

Funding: $100,000


  • B2B SaaS-focused curriculum
  • Presence in three technology hubs (San Francisco, New York, Toronto)
  • Co-working space
  • Technology savings and perks
  • Have worked with over 150+ early-stage SaaS companies
  • Community of 500+ mentors from great SaaS companies ready to help

Apply here for Winter 2021: Application Form

2. Alchemist Accelerator (San Francisco, USA + Munich, Germany)

A venture-backed incubator focused on accelerating startups whose revenue comes from enterprises.

Focus: Enterprise startups

Program Length: 6 months

Class Size: 25 teams

Funding: $36,000


  • Strong bias toward technical founding teams
  • Access to marquee early customer adopters
  • Faculty mentors and network are most successful founders and highest rated mentors focused on enterprise startups

Next accelerator begins December 3rd and is to be fully virtual and is designed to support remote participation. Apply here.

3. AngelPad (San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York, USA)

A seed-stage accelerator program that has launched more than 150 companies.

Focus: B2B SaaS

Program Length: 3-months

Class Sizes: 15 teams

Funding: $120,000


    • 1:1 mentorship
    • Access to more than $300,000 in cloud credits from AWS, Google, and Digital Ocean

AngelPad is prepared to resume sessions in the Fall in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Applications are open. Apply here.

4. Carao Ventures (San Jose, Costa Rica)

The first early-stage venture capital firm in Central America.

5. FINAC (Helsinki, Finland)

A national association dedicated to driving growth and quality of the Finnish startup and SME ecosystem.

6. L-SPARK (Ottawa, Canada)

A destination for Canada’s startup and tech ecosystem to succeed and scale.

Focus: SaaS

Program Length: 6-months

Program Cost: Performance-based (Free – 5% equity stake)


  • Tactical and strategic support
  • Relevant workshops
  • Advisement from a dedicated mentor who will join your team one day per week
  • Weekly Ops meetings with members from L-SPARK
  • Provided office space

Applications are open. Apply here.

7. Mucker Lab (Los Angeles, USA)

Mucker invests in Southern California and other underfunded ecosystems outside Silicon Valley.

Program Length: No set duration (3-24 months)

Cohort Size: 10-12 companies


  • Hands-on, boutique approach
  • Works with 10-12 companies per year to ensure each company achieves the operating milestones required for the next round of funding
  • 200+ mentors

Applications are open. Apply here.

8. River City Labs (Fortitude Valley, Australia)

Home for tech innovators and passionate entrepreneurs.

Focus: Tech startups

Program Length: 6-months

Cohort Size: 10 companies

Funding: $60,000


  • 1:1 weekly mentoring sessions over 4 weeks
  • One month free digital access to the Activate Program
  • Digital perks discounts (Stripe, Google, Amazon, etc.)
  • Invites to events, learning, and networking sessions
  • Referrals into networks and business opportunities
  • All RCL member benefits
  • 3-months membership at River City Labs discounted by 50%
  • 24-hour office location

August 2020 Program applications currently closed. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions here.

9. Tiny Seed (Remote)

Specifically designed for non-venture track SaaS founders.

Focus: Capital efficient, “non-unicorn” SaaS companies

Program Length: 1 year

Cohort Size: 10-15 companies

Funding: $120,000 for the first founder + $60,000 per additional founder


  • Program is remote
  • Corporate entity must be formed or converted into a U.S. entity
  • Partner Perks

Applications are open. Apply here.

10. Y Combinator (Mountain View, USA)

A seed money startup accelerator.

Focus: Capital efficient, “non-unicorn” SaaS companies

Program Length: 3-months

Cohort Size: 10-15 companies

Funding: $125,000


  • Must be incorporated as a US company or need to create a parent company that is in the United States or Cayman Islands 
  • Must have at least 10% equity in the startup to be considered a founder by Y Combinator

Applications for Winter 2021 are open. Apply here.

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