Financing for SaaS Companies

Grow your B2B SaaS company with revenue-based financing

Raise $1M to $7M in Revenue-Based Financing

How It Works

Principal Amount

Average check sizes range from $1-7M

Monthly Payments

Monthly payments based on a percentage of monthly revenue

No Fixed Terms

The investee decides when they are ready
to buy out the investment

Is Revenue-Based Financing Right for My SaaS Business?

Amount Seeking:
$1-3 million first tranche;
Up to $7 million in total
United States; Canada; United Kingdom
Open to all SaaS or subscription-based companies
Mature startups;
ARR greater than $2.5 million;
or Annual Revenue greater than $4 million
Proven entrepreneurs with substantial ownership positions in their own businesses

Benefits of Our Financing Structure

Specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies generating $2-30 million in ARR

Minimize Equity Dilution

Achieve a more balanced and less costly capital structure

Flexible Payments

Payments based on a percentage of your monthly revenue

Aligned Focus

Shared goal between the investor and company towards sustainable revenue growth


Be the Next Success Story

Factor 75

Acquired by Meal-Kit Delivery Giant, HelloFresh

Factor 75 is an online, subscription-based, chef-prepared delivery service that provides “nutrition for performance.” In 2016, the company chose revenue-based financing from Flow Capital in order to expand their business geographically and into adjacent markets while minimizing equity dilution. 

Factor 75

Why Flow Capital?

Fast. Flexible. Founder-Friendly.

Flow Capital’s revenue-based financing structure is a perfect solution for SaaS companies that want to scale sustainably. Our growth capital is minimally dilutive and payments fluctuate based on the natural ups and downs of your company’s monthly revenue. What sets us apart from other SaaS lenders? Besides our competitive terms, we leave it up to the investee to decide when they would like to buy out the investment. 

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