Venture Debt

A complement or alternative to equity financing.

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Path to Mountains

What is Venture Debt?

Founder’s Guide to Venture Debt

The ultimate founder’s handbook that dives deep into venture debt and what to expect. If you are going to read anything – read this guide.

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Uses of Venture Debt

Whether you’re looking to bridge to your next equity round or extend cash runway, venture debt offers minimally-dilutive means to growing your company.

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3 Documents You Need to Apply for Venture Debt

A deep dive into what venture debt lenders are looking for in your pitch deck, historical financials, and pro forma model. 

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Top 10 Questions Founders Should Ask Before Raising Venture Debt

Before you begin reaching out to venture debt investors, you should be able to answer these ten questions.

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Venture Debt: Is It a Loan? It It Equity? Is It an Opportunity?

What do Spotify, Airbnb, and Uber have in common? They all used venture debt to fuel their impressive growth trajectories. 

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Raising Capital for Startups: Equity, Venture Debt, or Convertible Note?
The type of financing you use could be a matter of success or failure. Here is our detailed guide to these forms of funding.

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7 Uses of Venture Debt for High-Growth Companies

Venture debt offers high-growth companies a fast, flexible, and founder-friendly way to fuel growth.

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The Exciting Future of Alternative Financing in the UK

This is the perfect time for UK companies to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of what this powerful solution has to offer.

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Venture Debt Terms

A Guide to Warrants in Venture Debt Deals

Warrants are issued by companies to “sweeten” the deal with venture debt lenders. Here is the ultimate guide.

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What Does ‘Minimally Dilutive’ Actually Mean?
Founders are looking towards alternative sources of financing to access growth capital while minimizing equity dilution.

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Venture Debt During Economic Volatility

Weathering the Storm with Venture Debt

As VCs pause funding efforts and focus on their portfolio companies, venture debt rises as an increasingly attractive source of capital.

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Pitching to Investors During COVID-19
Investors will be looking at what you are doing to prepare your company’s product, process, and people for an incredible rise when recovery occurs. 

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